Commercial Diving & Marine Construction

While offering a very broad range of services, EMC Divers Inc. also has the capability to offer these services throughout all of the United States, Bahamas and Caribbean.  We take pride in knowing we have the professional crews and equipment to mobilize quickly to projects, even in emergency cases.  Our honest reputation blended with the correct amounts of creativity and ingenuity enable us to provide our clients with only the highest quality services within budget.  Our education and safety certifications are current and continued to ensure our clientele they are being provided the most professional and safest services possible.


The following services are provided with little notice required.

  • Geo Tubes
  • Geo Barrier
  • Eco Tubes
  • Lake Maintenance
  • Lake Bank Stabilization
  • Lake Bank Surveys
  • Erosion Control
  • Turf reinforcement Mats
  • Articulated Concrete Block Mats
  • Culvert Maintenance & Inspections
  • Bridge Construction
  • Dredging
  • Seawall Construction & Repairs
  • Dock Construction and Inspections
  • General Underwater Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Barge & Rig Support
  • Hand Jetting
  • Site Clearances
  • Underwater Welding & Burning
  • Underwater Video & Inspection
  • Dam Inspection & Repairs
  • Power Plant Maintenance and Repairs
  • Potable Water Tank Inspections and Maintenance
  • Paper Mills
  • Traveling Water Screens
  • Salvage & Demolition Work